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Johnson & Johnson 1.5 in x 15 yd White Coach Athletic Tape 3 Pack

Johnson & Johnson

  • $ 14.00

Johnson & Johnson 1.5 in x White Coach Athletic Tape
Coach Tape is a white bleached cotton backed cloth with circular pores in the adhesive mass, which creates porosity. 

Features: High tensile strength helps reduce sweat entrapment

  • High-quality breathable tape
  • Made with dry, natural rubber
  • Helps prevent sprains and helps protect injured areas
  • Breathable fabric lets skin breathe
  • High-quality, breathable porous athletic tape protects joints from sprains and injury
  • Provides support to speed recovery after injury
  • Uniform unwinding tension assures the full use of each roll
  • Porous zinc oxide adhesive mass reduces irritation

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